Golden Bee Mountain Honey Ginger, Honeycomb & Black Cumin

Golden Bee Mountain Honey Ginger, Honeycomb & Black Cumin


Discover our exquisite creation: 100% pure Belgian mountain honey from the picturesque Montagne, refined with spicy ginger, black cumin (flower seeds) and delicious honeycomb.

Our unique honey not only offers the beneficial advantages of mountain honey as well as valuable ones Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and natural sugars. In addition, it contains the powerful combination of ginger and honeycomb, which in many cultures are considered to promote fertility. The healthy spiciness of the ginger promotes blood circulation, stimulates circulation and digestion. Ginger has been known for centuries as a proven remedy for nausea, vomiting and colds.

Our comb honey, on the other hand, remains natural and is not subjected to any mechanical or thermal treatment. A special feature of this extraordinary honey is that the bees artfully create drops of wax on the filled honeycomb.

Let yourself be seduced by the harmonious combination of these exquisite ingredients and experience a unique taste experience that will enchant your senses. Our Belgian mountain honey with ginger, black cumin and honeycomb - a true delicacy for gourmets and the health-conscious.

Important to know about pure natural honey: Real honey can crystallize over time due to temperature differences (it hardens with a white layer). This is a normal phenomenon with pure honey. If you want the honey to become a little runny, you need to put the honey jar in a bowl with warm water. PLEASE NOTE: Do not heat the honey at all. This destroys the important substances, leaving only the taste. So only use warm and not boiling water.