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Gift Set S - Green


Discover our exclusive 2-piece gift set S - Green. This valuable set, consisting of a mini Koran and an elegant prayer beads (tesbih), is the ideal choice for a special gift.

The gift set S - green combines aesthetics and spirituality in a harmonious way. The Mini Quran allows religious people to live their faith in a personal and intimate way. The prayer beads, also known as tesbih, serve as a valuable tool in the prayer ritual and give a unique meaning to spiritual practice.

The green accents give Gift Set S - Green a refreshing and calming touch. Through the careful selection of high-quality materials and the precise processing, we guarantee a long service life and quality of this set.

Our 2-piece gift set S - green is an extraordinary option to give your loved ones a special treat. It doesn't matter whether it's for religious holidays like Ramadan or other festive occasions, this set expresses your appreciation and is seen as a warm gesture.

Give away a unique product of lasting value with our gift set S - green. Show your appreciation in an unforgettable way and make this gift a symbol of calm and inner peace. Order today and let us help you create an unforgettable gifting experience.


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