Musk Al Soltane - Space Spray 300 ml


Experience Musk Al Soltane "Room Spray" - A seductive room spray for a harmonious ambience

Musk Al Soltane "Room Spray" is part of an exquisite collection of six opulent and smoked aromas that aim to relax your mind and create a comforting atmosphere in your home. This warm room fragrance creates an unmistakable olfactory experience that transforms your living space into a cozy retreat.

The innovative textile lotion in a spray is ideal for different textiles, such as curtains, curtains, bed linen and upholstered furniture. Refine your home or workplace with just a few sprays and create a stylish and personal atmosphere.

Whether in your living area, in the office or even in your vehicle - the Musk Al Soltane "Room Spray" gives every room a fresh, pure and unique atmosphere that increases your well-being and ensures a pleasant environment. Discover the world of Musk Al Soltane fragrances and let every room become an oasis of relaxation and well-being.

Musk Al Soltane - Room Spray 300 ml