Deen Souvenir Gebetsteppich - Royalblau GT - Royalblau
Deen Souvenir Gebetsteppich - Royalblau GT - Royalblau

Prayer Rug - Royal Blue

€10,99 €28,99

Our prayer rug is perfect for you, it is padded, non-slip and made of 100% velvet material.

Thanks to the padding and soft velvet fabric, you don't feel a hard surface - you enjoy maximum comfort with every prayer.

Sitting for a long time? No problem!
Knee pain? Belonging to the past!
Thanks to the rubber knobs on the underside, a firm grip is guaranteed even on slippery surfaces and tiled floors.

You can have your prayer rug personalized with us, with your own name or with the name of a person to be gifted.

Because personalized gifts give every gift a personal touch and express special appreciation for the recipient.

Our prayer rugs - comfortable and luxurious, the ideal gift for every occasion!


The pattern on the prayer rug may vary and cannot be freely selected.

The use of different display technologies and your own settings can lead to distorted color representations.

The pattern is the same for all colors.

We do not recommend washing the prayer rugs in the washing machine.