Deen Souvenir Weihrauch Black-Oud

Incense Black Oud


Welcome to our most powerful cleansing natural incense products! Our incense sticks provide energetic cleansing and protection, as well as an opening of the heart. They create a healthy and fresh atmosphere and give you a sense of peace with yourself and others.

Incense is one of the oldest natural scents and without a doubt the best illustration of this paradox. Natural aromatic raw materials still hold a privileged position in the world of perfumery today. They are obtained by extraction or distillation of perfume plants. However, since an essential oil is obtained from a plant, its complex composition is influenced by many parameters: method of extraction, geographical origin and growth conditions of the plant, genetic and pedoclimatic aspects, etc.

Our incense sticks have different scents, each according to characteristics of the tree, sweet, spicy, bitter and sour.

Whether you have a new home or office, whether you need to open your heart and mind for a meditation or yoga session, or whether you Can't get rid of a repeating pattern of negative thoughts, our fumigation ritual will help you rid yourself of negative energies. Create a space where positive energies work to heal people and places.

Don't hesitate to choose the scent that suits you best from our selection of incense sticks.

Incense Black Oud