Deen Souvenir Wild Mountain Honey Prestige

Wild Mountain Honey Prestige


The absolute rarity from the mountains 🌟

Discover our wild honey, one of the most precious and rare honeys in the world. It is mined freely in the mountains between Iran-Iraq and the mountains of Morocco and is surrounded by a fabulous aura.

There are reports of remarkable healing successes in many Turkish, Caucasian, Kurdish, Persian and Arabic regions, starting with from stopped tumors to the fulfillment of long-cherished desires to have children. Even doctors in Iran are among the most loyal customers of the Bakhtiari tribes who collect this unique honey for us. ⚱️

Wild honey owes its name to the fact that it is not farmed. There are no beekeepers except Allah, the bees are not fed sugar syrup. Only the strongest bees survive and produce this honey that we hunt in mountain crevices and caves. 🍯

What this honey can do for a simple cold hardly needs to be explained. However, wild honey proves to be particularly powerful and impressive, to put it diplomatically. 😎

In addition, with the help thaler you get another reason for healing. 🪙 👍🏼

Discover the wonders of wild honey and delve into the mysteries of mountain regions. Order today and experience the unrivaled quality and healing power of this exceptional honey.

Unfiltered honey is a quality requirement and a field full of effects. Anyone who filters pure honey to make it look cleaner accepts a loss of quality. Precious substances such as propolis or other natural bee products are taken to be sold separately. In this way, 10-30x profits can be achieved. Typical effects are lost. We consciously avoid it. Our honeys remain pure and unfiltered before they reach you.

Important to know about pure natural honey: Real honey can crystallize (it hardens with a white layer) due to temperature differences such as extreme cold. This is a normal phenomenon with pure honey. The white layer in our types of honey is deposits from natural honeycombs. Very strong varieties often form small black lumps on the lid and in the middle, this is natural propolis, a product that is 15 times more expensive than the honey itself. Both bring even more quality.

If you want the honey to runny, you need to put the honey jar in a bowl with warm water. Not over 40 degrees. PLEASE NOTE: Do not heat the honey at all. This destroys the important substances, leaving only the taste. So only use warm and not boiling water.